About us


Our clients are constantly looking to engage their employees and guests, inspire them culinarily and find innovative and sustainable solutions in their hospitality challenges. As Vijverborgh Consultants and Designers, we give substance to this for a multitude of (inter-)national clients.

Among other things, we are engaged in developing and designing leading hospitality concepts. This within corporate environments, higher education, cultural sector and regular hospitality industry.

There are various issues surrounding food and drinks that we can provide context for with our knowledge and expertise, such as concept development, logistics and technical solutions, assessing or perfecting a hospitality business case, catering tenders and operational guidance. We work with a multidisciplinary Vijverborgh team, consisting of concept developers, project managers, hospitality-/ design- & technical consultants, tendering/exploitation consultants and the culinary team. Depending on the type of project and desired solution, we broaden our services to include interim management for appropriate on-site support.



Our inspiring workplace is a former brewery in the centre of Breda. This location offers plenty of space to welcome clients, inspire each other and have team meetings.

Based on our personal passion and drive to do business in a socially responsible way, we support clients in activity day centers and their special need workers with the aim of enabling them to participate in a sustainable day job. On these projects, we not only share our expertise, we also learn a lot. These knowledge can be used in our other projects. We help each other. These social projects are extra valuable to us and motivates us to give them our full attention every year.